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Dr. Arthur Woo (BVSc)


Arthur has been a practicing veterinarian since 1990.  He established Mooney Street Veterinary Surgery in the Logan Central area since 1994 and has enjoyed helping hundreds of pet owners over the years.

His interests include orthopaedic surgery, especially cruciate repair, and also being an avid aquarist has knowledge of your finned friends.



Flynn the cockatiel is the newest member to our Mooney Street team. He is a verbal little guy who loves to sing and keep us entertained. Flynn was brought in to us by a concerned citizen and now lives permanently in the surgery with his best friends, Impy, Toby and Squeak.

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Squeak is a Domestic Short Hair cat who was left in a box at the front of the surgery about 12 years ago. Arthur took her into his care and ever since then Squeak loves to help the person at the reception desk. She enjoys stealing as many pats as she can get from anyone that walks into the surgery. Especially loves helping Toby groom.



Archie was brought in by a concerned person saw him being picked on and a stray. After finding out no one owned him Arthur took him in and made him one of the family. He loves playing with Squeak and will try and steal any food when he gets a chance. But, will take any chance to get a pat and a play.




Esme was brought into us covered in fleas and overdosed with flea treatment. She made a speedy recovery and started to follow the other cats around like she lived here aswell! 




Pink is a synspyllum cichlid from South America. She co-habitates with Sara and loves to play with visitors. Her favourite game is chasing your fingers up and down the glass.

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